Saturday, August 30, 2008

Why the blog?

I worked for several years at UTP and helped many teachers, classifieds and administrators with their retirement plans. I tried to educate folks about options but also about strategies. THe product won't be as important as the strategy. So talk, learn and stay on top.

I stopped helping folks with pensions (but the kind folks at utah pension services are still around to help) because I found something easier and more rewarding. I first found a product that helped my friends with weight control and then started selling it and quickly made a career out of it. So now I'm all about FORM and myo3 world ( but I don't want to leave my friends and the folks who helped my children at the mercy of folks who may not be telling them the entire story.

If you have questions about weight control, extra income, or health email me. If you have questions about retirement you can email me as well, but I might have someone else respond- options change with time and I'd like to keep you current.

Good luck

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